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What are Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services are also known as AWS is very useful and comprehensive software. These services help in developing and monitoring a cloud computing platform that is offered by the world’s most famous brand, Amazon. AWS is the subsidiary of Amazon that provides APIs to individuals, companies, and the Government. Being the significant cloud computing platform for Amazon, it provides various relevant and path breaking services to the company. The most notable services are developing servers, offering storage facilities, enabling networking, offering remote computing and complete security to the users of the brand, Amazon. 

Amazon Web Services has the most extensive global cloud infrastructure. It provides infrastructure for 26 geographical locations with around 84 availability zones. The cloud computing system connects with each availability zones and provides low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant networks. Presently, AWS is one of the largest communities with millions of active customers and thousands of partners all over the world. Companies of varied sizes and different economic bases are presently running based on AWS. AWS comprises thousands of system integrators who specialize in the services offered by Amazon Web Services. It also consists of many independent software vendors who adopt the technology of AWS to work on the platform. 

Amazon Web Services is built to be the most secured and flexible cloud computing system. It was initially built to satisfy the requirements for the industries like banking, military, and other institutions that deal with sensitive data. AWS offers industries to store their data and encrypt them for further security. AWS allows users to leverage new technologies. This enables new technologies to experiment and innovate quickly. 

Services offered by Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service is a world-class platform that offers many exquisite services. 

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)- Amazon Web Services offer server facilities that have an immense capacity for network breakage. EC2 services offer a handful of instances of varied size and capacities. It can be customized according to the specific workload and application. 
  • Storage- Amazon Web Services offer scalable object storage that allows for data backup, analytics, and archival. With the help of the storage service, businesses can save their money with the help of infrequent access Storage Tier. Businesses can also employ Amazon Glacier to enable cold storage facilities.
  • Data Management- AWS enables thorough database services with the help of Amazon Relational Database Services. Some of the common facilities offered by the database services are- SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, PostgreSQL. 
  • Migration- Amazon Web Services is comprised of many facilities that offer different migration applications, servers, and databases. 
  • Networking- Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is another pioneering service that provides users access to virtual networks. This technology enables new resources that facilitate better protection of the company details.
  • Cloud Security and Governance- Amazon Web Services is in-built with a host of services that are targeted towards cloud security. AWS also enables exercise control on the user’s access to the available resources. 

Amazon Web Services Assignments

Students who have AWS in their syllabus are assessed with various Amazon Web Services. These assignments are extremely difficult and tricky. Students will have to engage a lot of time to complete these assignments. Both theory and practical classes on AWS are important as questions in the assignments are based on these classes. Students who are not able to attend the regular classes will not able to answer the questions and this will add to their troubles. They need expert guidance provided by the assignment help services. These services have qualified teams of AWS writers who have many years of experience in academic writing. These services can be accessed easily and the services offered by them make them extremely student-friendly. Some of the major types of AWS assignments are-

  • Amazon Athena Assignments
  • Amazon EMR Assignments
  • Amazon Kinetic DataStream Assignments
  • Amazon Cloud search Assignments
  • Amazon Electric Search Assignments
  • Amazon Kinesis Assignments
  • AWS Data pipeline Services Assignments
  • AWS Glue Assignments
  • Amazon Kinetic Data Analysis Assignments
  • Amazon Kinetic Data Firehouse Assignments
  • Amazon Red shift Assignments

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