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What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a long academic essay that is produced by a student who has gained in-depth knowledge of a subject. Dissertations are written and composed with the help of the data collected during the formal research. It is a very integral part of the student’s academic life and it determines the capability of the student. Writing a perfect dissertation is indicative of the advanced ability of the students in their respective fields of study. To write a dissertation, one need to develop a methodical plan, conduct substantial research, have secure guidance, and have a lot of perseverance. Not every dissertation gets selected by the University selectors and the professors. Only high quality and valuable research paper with an in-depth description of the topic gets selected after several rounds of inspection. 

Why is a Dissertation significant in the life of a postgraduate or Ph.D. level student?

It is a known fact, that dissertation is one of the primary components in Ph.D. programs. The reasons for it being so significant area s follows- 

  • Dissertations are the basis of showing their adept knowledge and subject-concerned ideas to their professors. It also indicates their special ability for researching and finding the most significant data. 
  • The dissertation also helps the students to compose their thought and comprehensively structure their ideas to attract the attention of the professors and to make the paper readable. 
  • Writing a dissertation paper is highly helpful for students with an intense interest in studying the concepts in detail. 
  • The process of writing dissertations helps the students to develop practical skills with the adequate theoretical understanding that will help them in their final exams. 
  • A dissertation has the potential to demonstrate the field of study or the area of interest to the student with which they can proceed in the future. Thus a successful dissertation will denote the area that will be more profitable for the student in the future. 
  • Dissertations can only be written after several hours of research. Often students will have to invest many days in conducting research. Thus, such a time-consuming activity will improve the patience level of the student and develop their essential research abilities.
  • Dissertations help the students in improving their grasping ability and understanding the requirements of subject papers. Thus getting good marks in the final exam becomes easy. 
  • A good dissertation and the one that gets selected by the university professors will ensure better CGPA grades and a solid platform for building a career.
  • The habit of writing dissertations will help the students in their future academic endeavors such as building assignments.

Important Sections of a Dissertation 

Every Dissertation paper must comprise of the below-mentioned sections. The sections are as follows-

  • Abstract – The abstract page is the second page after the title page. The word limit of an abstract is 150-200. The abstract deals with the basic contents of the paper. The main points are highlighted in the abstract. It is almost like an overview or a summary of the research paper. 
  • Research question – The research questions are laid down in the introduction part. These questions are the fundamental topics that are answered in the research paper. 
  • Literature review – In the literature review, all the ideas and the theories are included. The theories are used to define and explain the concepts laid down in the dissertation paper. At least 10 sources are included in this section to make it highly comprehensive. 
  • Research Methodology- The research methodology section consists of the research tools and methods used to complete the thesis papers. All the procedures used by the researcher should be laid down and informed to the university professors.
  • Bibliography – The Bibliography section consists of all the references such as the articles, books, and websites that the researcher has used to write the dissertation. The reference list has to be listed on a separate page. All the references are to be arranged in alphabetical order and referenced according to the referencing style mentioned. 

Chief Research Methodologies

There are a few chief research methodologies that are used by the researcher to gather information for the completion of the paper. Some of the major methodologies are as follows- 

  • Conducting Interviews- Interviews are one of the best ways to gather first-hand information from the sources. Interviews are to be conducted intensively and questions are to be framed based on the needs of the research. All the data are to be noted down to avoid misplacing some vital information. 
  • Historical research Methodology – Historical research methodology is qualitative research that involves studying past events to draw conclusions and make concluding statements in the dissertation paper. Four historical sources are used to collect the data.
  1. Old historical documents are preserved in the museums.
  2. Books and journal articles that have historical information.
  3. Census data and other government data.
  4. Various literary sources like recollections, memoirs, and autobiographies of prominent personalities.
  • Conducting Surveys- Surveys are highly insightful and information gathered from these surveys can form the basis of various dissertation papers. These surveys majorly include census data, statistical reports, market research analysis, etc. 
  • Case Studies- Another quantitative form of research is case studies. These case studies are the research papers done earlier by prominent researchers. These case studies are often used to cite information and make research papers on them. Researchers often can base their dissertation papers on case studies and provide authentic data. Thus, case studies are highly relevant

Things to be remembered while writing a Dissertation paper

There are a few things that must be remembered while preparing a dissertation paper. 

  • A unique topic has to be selected and its relevancy of it should be discussed.
  • The dissertation has to be divided into a minimum of 5 sections. 
  • Every chapter should be based on its respective themes. Overlapping of the context should be avoided.
  • The writing style should be simple and comprehensible. 
  • The proper citation has to be done wherever information from the references is included. Citations must be done based on the referencing style. 
  • Proofread and make the necessary changes while revising the dissertation paper. 

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