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Table of Contents


What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is the Graphical User Interface toolkit for Java. JavaFX was initially released in the year 2008 and is presently developed by the Sun Microsystem and Oracle Corporation. It plays an important role in building rich internet applications. In other words, JavaFX is a software platform that is significant in creating and developing desktop and web applications. It supports desktop computers and web browsers on varied systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is primarily an open-source, next-generation client application program. 

Common Features of JavaFX 

Some of the common characteristics of JavaFX are as follows-

  • JavaFX is originally a Java Library that comprises different interfaces and classes that are written in the native JAVA code. The Java APIs are designed in such a way that they can function as a friendly alternative to Java Virtual Machine Language. 
  • JavaFX supports the Web View component that uses the WebkitHTML technology. This embeds webpages within the JavaFX applications. Webview allows the Java Scripts to run on it and it is eligible to call java APIs. 
  • JavaFX supports multi-touch operations. 
  • JavaFX is based on the GStreamer Multimedia Framework and thus supports a stable media outline and lower latency. 
  • The new JavaFX updates various Swing applications such as Risk-graphics media payback and embedded web content.
  • JavaFX is embedded with Graphics Pipeline which helps in developing smooth graphics. These graphics allow quick and easy operations and are built with the help of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and the Graphics Card. 
  • The user interface of JavaFX is constructed by the XML-based declarative Markup language. Programmers use the FXML codes to design the graphical user interface of the JavaFX. 

Advantages of JavaFX

JavaFX is a very popular software that offers varied advantages to programmers.

  • JavaFX allows programmers to develop sophisticated user interface applications.
  • JavaFX is an advanced and a much simpler application as compared to Swing
  • Java developers can incorporate the advanced features of JavaFX in their projects. JavaFX also allows collaboration with Swing. 
  • JavaFX can build applications with many features. 
  • It is based on multi-layered platforms and can also run on platforms that do not support Swing.
  • JavaFX gets immense support from Oracle, thus supporting immense development. 

Popular Applications of JavaFX

Some of the popular applications that are built by JavaFX are-

  • JavaFX Effects
  • JavaFX Animation
  • JavaFX 3D Shapes
  • JavaFX Layouts
  • JavaFX Charts
  • JavaFX Event Handling
  • JavaFX Transformation
  • JavaFX Text

Versions of JavaFX

JavaFX has evolved over the years and with every passing update new features are getting added to it. Some of the notable versions of JavaFX are-

JavaFX 1.2

  • It Consists of Beta support.
  • It has a built-in configuration with chart widgets.
  • Comprises of a JavaFX I/O management that significantly distinguishes between mobile devices and desktop systems
  • It was developed by the Sun Java Wireless Client in collaboration with Windows.
  • It supports CSS controls.

JavaFX 1.3

  • It supports additional platforms that help in improving its performance.
  • JavaFX 1.3 has an improved support configuration for user interface controls.
  • JavaFX 1.3 has a quick startup time for JavaFX applications.
  • The applications’ startup that is built by the JavaFX is enabled with a custom progress bar.

JavaFX 2.0

  • An advanced set of Java APIs was developed. The operation with the new set of APIs was highly convenient for the developers without the need for using a scripting language.
  • JavaFX 2.0 provided advanced support for binding expressions, bound sequence expressions, high-performance lazy binding, bind re-evaluation, etc.
  • JavaFX 2.0 presents run-time, platform-specific software that utilizes all the system capabilities instead of using one cross-platform.

JavaFX 8

  • JavaFX 8 got support from LINUX, Plug-in, and Webstart.
  • Some of the common features of the JavaFX 8 areCanvas, color picker, pagination.
  • It allows HTTP live streaming.
  • The APIs of JavaFX support image manipulation, gestures, and touch events.
  • Native packaging is introduced that enables packaging of applications in a ‘native bundle’. Users are facilitated with Native packaging and now can install and run an application without being dependent on external systems.
  • JavaFX provides advanced support to 3D graphics and sensors.
  • It also supports printing functions and creating rich texts.

JavaFX Assignments

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