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Table of Contents


What is RAPTOR?

RAPTOR stands for Rapid Algorithm Prototyping Tool for Ordered Reasoning. RAPTOR is flowchart-based programming software primarily designed for use in the academic fields. RAPTOR is built in a very comprehensible manner to cater to the needs of beginners. It is one of the best programming environments by which teachers introduce students to the programming structures without forcing them to learn the complex syntax of programming languages. The flowchart is a great way to teach the students about the varied algorithms that would help them to solve the problems easily. Students can also visualize how different algorithms are intertwined and this helps them to apply the problem-solving skills better. 

Symbols of RAPTOR

Some of the primary symbols of RAPTOR are-

  • Task Symbol- The task symbol calculates the data and stores the results in a variable. 
  • Bolt Image- The Bolt image symbol shows the request and directs the activities to be performed. 
  • Data Signal- The Data Signal symbol enables the customer to add information and store them securely. 
  • Start Signal- This symbol begins the RAPTOR program. 
  • End Image- The end image stops executing the RAPTOR program. 
  • Homework Image- The homework image symbol is to direct a variable using a string and a numeral use. 
  • Call Symbol- The call symbol is used to make calls to external sources. 
  • Loop movement symbol- The loop movement symbol is utilized for creating accentuation and emphasis.
  • Yield Signal Symbol- This symbol is used to portray the estimation of a variety. 

RAPTOR Program Structure

A RAPTOR program Structure works in a devised pattern. The pattern is as follows-

  • A RAPTOR program consists of various symbols that indicate the actions to be executed.
  • The Arrows that are present within the Symbol decide the order of the performance of the actions.
  • The Start symbol starts a RAPTOR program. Once the program is started, RAPTOR moves towards the arrows to execute the program. 
  • Once the program meets the End Symbol, it quits executing. 

Primary Features of RAPTOR

Some of the most convenient characteristics of RAPTOR that makes it so useful in the field of academic are mentioned below.

  1. RAPTOR allows algorithms to be arranged in the form of flowcharts.
  2. Students can easily visualize the algorithms and the operations.
  3. RAPTOR can build a JAVA code with the help of the Flowchart.
  4. Students can change their program algorithms from the symbols present in the RAPTOR Tools. 

RAPTOR Variables

In programming, a variable usually defines computer memory locations hold carries data values. A variable can hold any data value at any time. Its value may also change once the program executes. This is primarily why it is known as a variable and not constant.

Users can change the value of the RAPTOR variables in the following ways-

  • By using the entered value from the input statement
  • By using a calculated value from an equation is an assignment statement
  • By using a value from a process called.

RAPTOR Assignments

Universities that are equipped with RAPTOR software have included it in the syllabus. The subject is complex and regular training sessions are provided to the students on the same. These students are then assessed with term examinations and assignments. These assignments carry a lot of marks and students cannot proceed to give the term exams, without getting qualifying marks in their assignments. Students often face trouble in writing the assignments as firstly it is time-consuming, and secondly, the assignments are devised for expert RAPTOR professionals. Questions are tough and the rules are sometimes incomprehensible. Students often fail to understand the rules to be followed and cannot identify the patterns to be used. This may lead to misunderstanding and students get low marks. Thus, they must seek the help provided by the RAPTOR assignment services. These services have qualified RAPTOR experts. These professionals have done assignments for many students. Students who have hired these experts have got around 90% marks in their assignments. Therefore, RAPTOR Assignment Help Services is the best guide available to students who are troubled with RAPTOR assignments.  Some of the best services provided by the RAPTOR Assignment services are-

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