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What is SpringBoot?

Springboot is an open-source Java-based spring framework module. It is primarily used to develop microsystems. With the help of Springboot, one can also create a stand-alone production-grade spring-based application that can be run simply without the need for any advanced coding. SpringBoot was first developed in the year 2003 by Rod Johnson. SpringBoot is highly dependent on the ‘Starter template’ feature for its development and for enabling its functions. 

Reasons for the huge popularity of the SpringBoot module

There are primarily three major characteristics that make the module so famous among programmers. These aspects are-

  • It is an open-source simple use framework module. Anyone and everyone can access it and get benefitted from its facilities. 
  • One of the most noteworthy features that are offered by the SpringBoot module is that it can be tested. Owing to the testability feature, programmers can evaluate its performance and bring necessary modifications. 
  • The SpringBoot framework module allows a loose coupling facility. This is one of the primary reasons for its flexibility.

Main Features of SpringBoot 

Some of the major characteristics of the SpringBoot framework module are-

  • SpringBoot can create independent Spring applications that are also known as stand-alone spring applications.
  • In a SpringBoot Strut framework, programmers are forced to extend the programmer class from the provided base class.  
  • Springboot is a lightweight framework.  
  • SpringBoot provides opinionated ‘starter’ dependencies to simplify the built configuration. 
  • Springboot does not require the generation of codes 
  • XML configuration is also not necessary. 
  • SpringBoot can automatically configure Spring and 3rd party libraries whenever possible without any extra coding.
  • It can provide production-ready features such as metrics, health checks, and externalized configuration
  • Some of the important features of SpringBoot that are of use are Embed Tomcat, Jetty, or Undertow directly. These features do not require the need to deploy the WAR Files. 

SpringBoot Applications

Some of the most notable applications of SpringBoot are as follows-

  • Spring Microservices
  • Spring Clouds
  • Spring Restful-API
  • Spring Caching
  • Spring Boot Database

Uses of SpringBoot Framework 

Various reasons make SpringBoot so much efficient for programmers. Some of the major reasons for its popularity among the developers are- 

  • SpringBoot framework reduces the time spent by the developers on the development of programs and increases the overall efficiency of the development team.
  • It helps to autoconfigure the program.
  • SpringBoot facilitates the creation and testing of Java-based applications.
  • It provides many plugins for the reconfiguration of programs.
  • It comes with embedded HTTP servers that improve the connectivity of the programming. 
  • SpringBoot allows to easily connect databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Rabbit MQ, ActiveMQ, etc.
  • It provides admin support.
  • Springboot offers flexibility in configuring databases.
  • It offers easy access to Command Line Interface and regulates the programming. 

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