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Finance is a broad term that consists of six main areas- Banking, Leverage, Credit, Capital Markets, Money, and Investments. Generally, finance comprises effective ways of managing money. Specifically, finance deals with the ways individuals earn and spend money and invest them for a better future. Good finance reflects in better profits and thus, financial experts are always in demand in business enterprises. Finance has its inception from the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics theories. One popular economic idea known as time value for money led to the generation of financial studies. Money is very precious and it holds a time value. Proper investment of money and balanced expenditure of it can turn out to be in the favour of the individuals. As a result, numerous students are getting admitted to different universities to learn about proper finances and ways of handling economic resources so that maximum retention of the resources is done. There are primarily three kinds of Finances. Each of them carries special significance. 

Types of Finances

Since individuals, businesses, and the government of countries require adequate economic resources to sustain and evolve, there are majorly three subcategories that divide the financial field. 

  • Personal Finance- Every individual must carry out financial planning to sustain a profitable and stable life. Personal finance is based on the activities and investments that an individual is involved in. An Individual plans out their financial structure keeping in mind his or her earnings and financial goal. Some of the important elements of Personal Finance include buying financial items such as credit cards, keeping mortgages, and insurance. Banking can also be included in the Personal Finance category. 
  • Corporate Finance- Corporate Finance is the financial decisions and planning undertaken by corporations and businesses. Businesses have a financial division that carries out effective financial endeavors. Companies are advised by financial experts to rearrange their budget plan so that maximum profit is earned. Even startups require financial departments that will chart out the economic decisions for the company. Startups with no or fewer resources usually gain help from angelic investors and venture capitalists. So corporate finances may include a lot of decisions that help the companies to exist without any economic disadvantages. 
  • Pubic or Governmental Finance- Public Finances comprises taxing, budgeting, and debt-insurance policies that affect the economic condition of a country. The government of a country has a department full of qualified financial experts who are responsible for the effective financial situation of a country. It is the Government that has to take care of the country and it’s related needs. Therefore, apart from day-to-day operations, the government must look after the social and cultural needs of the citizens of the world. So, the management of resources becomes an integral part of the financial department of the Government. Moreover, expenses should be monitored at every stage to avoid any losses. The government gets the most of its economic funding from the taxes received from its citizens. Government plays a vital role in investing an abundant amount for the betterment of the countrymen, yet ensuring that enough resources are left to make up for any future needs. 
  • Behavioural Finance- Behavioural Finance is the study of the psyche of the investors and the economic moods of the financial market. In Behavioural Finance, financial assistance is provided to the borrowers, consumers, investors, and financial stakeholders. This is a great way to encourage positive financial bonds by which companies increase their chances of better economic helps in times of need. 
  • International Finance- International Finance is a method by which companies invest in foreign companies and their activities especially when profit is guaranteed. Foreign Investments can have various disadvantages too. Therefore, companies should pre-plan and invest with safety so that losses can be balanced with other profitable businesses. 

Why is proper Financing important?

Finances and financial activities are very essential in the life of an individual, in the tenure of a business, and for the proper functioning of the government of a country. Mostly for businesses, finances and strategic economic planning works wonders for its growth and development. The following point will detail the major benefits of financing that is gained by the businesses and corporations either public or private. Some of the major benefits of financial planning for a business are-

  • Effective means of boosting sales- Strategic planning of finances and balanced means of investment is a great way to boost the sales of a company. Effective financing offers increased flexibility to the consumers so that they gain more prospects and opportunities of buying things. Strong financial planning increases the sales of an organization and attracts more and more customers. This adds to the profit of the company and drastically increases its revenue. 
  • Increasing the average order value of a company- Effective financial programs and financial planning are a great way to increase the order value of the company. Good economic planning increases the purchasing power of the customers and helps the company to upgrade its finances. 
  • Enhancing the cash flow- Companies can plan out their finances effectively to enhance their cash flow. Companies often are helped by third-party lenders who offer financial assistance to the companies initially so that the work is initiated. Cash Flow is the total money that gets in and out of the company that affects the liquidity of the business. Without sufficient money getting in, sufficient money cannot be invested by the businesses and affect their economic position. Therefore, proper financial planning is a great way of ensuring proper cash flow. 
  • Making new customers- Companies having well-planned financial processes allows customers to invest in it them and get varied benefits. Good economic plannings allow customers to pay the company in parts and this attracts more and more new customers. Thus, an effective economic process is a great way to grab the attention of the maximum customers. Companies that allow financial breakdowns on expensive purchases make it possible for customers to afford them easily. So strategic planning is a necessity for the company primarily because profitable cash flow can manage the risk that might be posed to the company. 

Now, let’s focus on the disadvantages related to poor financial management. Poor financial management can be disturbing to individuals, companies, and the Government. Some of the most vital problems are- 

  • Debts- It is probably one of the most horrifying economic issues that a person can face. People who are in debt, encounter immense emotional and psychological backlashes. Without a proper financial plan, one can end up with a substantial amount of debt in the later years of life. Therefore proper economic plans are integral for effective savings during retirement. Clearing debts is a tough thing and people strive to avoid such incidents. 
  • Decreasing sales- Companies without structured financial plans will not be able to offer the best economic facilities to the customers and thus, will fail to attract the attention of the customers. Not every customer can pay huge amounts in one go, as a result, customers who wish to pay in parts and instalments fail to purchase or invest in the goods of certain companies. 
  • Economic turmoil after retirements- Individuals who have not saved money well for the future will face immense difficulty to cope with the economic pressure during their retirement. Savings is very important. It can be in the form of real money savings, any form of insurance, or mutual funds. People who do not realize the importance of savings in their early life will be unable to tackle the money-related pressure in the later years. 
  • Not many resources during tough times- Without strategic money planning, people will not be able to cope with the financial strains that they can experience in their lifetime. One can get burdened with financial pressure at their prime time too. Businesses can also undergo tough economic times. Therefore, active financial decisions are vital to sustaining in the world without much worries regarding economic life. 
  • Compromise of Children’s Education- Individuals must ensure that their ward gets secure education. Today, the expenses on education are very high and people have to plan securely so that the child gets proper education according to their skills. Without adequate money in hand, individuals cannot bear the education expenses and fail to offer quality education to the children. Measures should be taken to avoid such economic strains and mishaps.

Financial Assignments

It has been very well established the importance of the knowledge of financial abilities. Finance is a vast area and individuals must be well equipped with its topics so that proper economic stability can be achieved. Various universities in Australia offer different courses in Finance and economic studies. These courses are primarily for those students who aim to secure a job position in the Economic or Financial fields of business enterprises. The professors offer both theory and practical classes to these students on the basics of Finance. Moreover, timely examinations are conducted to assess their knowledge. Students also are examined with the help of assignments. These assignments evaluate students’ knowledge of financial concepts. These assignments are tough as they are based on fictional data and students who have not attended the classes regularly will face trouble understanding the requirements of the questions. Papers set particularly by the professors will help those students who attend the classes and have taken notes of the minute things are taught and shown. On the other hand, those who missed one or two classes will not be able to write the papers. Often teachers aim at focusing on advanced terminologies and consider that students know the basics by default. This creates a gap in their knowledge and makes them incompetent to register the advanced concepts. Assignments are very time-consuming too so students have to manage enough time to sit and concentrate on the assignments. Those who are engaged in any kind of job will not get enough time to complete the assignments. Moreover, academic assignments are to be formatted properly following the mentioned referencing style. Students who are not acquainted with the referencing styles will not get good marks and can even fail the assignments. Academic assignments should be completely non-plagiarized. Plagiarized assignments are not accepted by the professors and copied assignments are completely rejected. Therefore students need to have a great vocabulary and unique writing skills to produce good quality assignments. Failing to do so can lead to poor marks. 

Types of Finance Assignments

Some of the Finance Assignments that are commonly set by the professors are- 

  • International Financial Management Assignment
  • Cash and Liquidity Management Assignment
  • International Exchange Rates Assignment
  • Bond Valuation Assignment
  • The flow of Funds Assignment
  • Public finance Assignment
  • Corporate Finance Assignment
  • Behavioural Finance Assignment
  • Investment Analysis Assignment
  • Financial Management Assignment
  • Economic planning and Forecasting Assignment
  • Credit Management Assignment
  • Inventory Management Assignment

Personal Financial Assignments- Personal Financial assignments deal with individual economic concepts. Questions on tax planning, loans, taxation measurement, and investment are asked by the professors in this form of assignment. Students have to understand the basics of personal finances to understand the questions. Personal Financial assignments consist of questions that give fictional scenarios to the students that have to be analyzed in-depth to produce correct answers. Students will have to format their assignments in the ways of the mentioned referencing style, otherwise, they will not get their desired marks. 

International Financial Assignments- International Financial Assignment comprises questions related to foreign finances. International finances such as tax, and foreign trade is a complex area, especially because the students from a country will not know all the financial rules without actually learning about them. As these assignments deal with unknown financial rules, students need to invest more time and energy. 

Financial Accounting Assignments- Financial Accounting Assignments are the most common assignment. Questions on accounting such as business transactions and budget preparation usually are set in the assignment paper. Certain questions also require students to measure the inflow, outflow, profit, and loss of business transactions. Students with acute knowledge of accounts and mathematics will be able to complete the assignments on time. Students without adept analytical abilities will face trouble comprehending the questions and finding the right solution to the problem. 

Financial Management Assignments- Financial Management deals with planning, controlling, and organization of financial activities and processes. These assignments require students to manage certain fictional financial resources of a fictional company effectively. These are theory-based assignments so good communication skills are integral to completing these assignments. 

Capital Budgeting Assignments- Capital Budgeting deals with planning and investing the long-term capital for the businesses. These assignments evaluate the business insights of the students and judge their capital idea. Students without adequate knowledge of capital investment and related terminology will face trouble in answering the questions set in the assignment paper. 

Finance Reporting Assignments- Financial Reporting deals with building a concrete report on the financial transactions and dealings of a corporation. Every company requires certain individuals who can analyze the economic processes in-depth and prepare reports on them. This report provides an idea to the company for future planning and helps the company to manage its resources well. 

Public Financial Assignments- Public Financial Assignment consists of questions based on Government rules and financial undertakings. Therefore students must be thorough with the Government’s financial details. Without that idea, students need the help of the assignment expert to write the assignment. 

Finance Assignment Help 

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Students know that the assignments are time-consuming. Some assignments take so much time, that no extra time is left for self-study. Thus, students should seek the help of the assignment experts who can fully invest their time in the assignments as a part of their job. Academic guidelines are tricky and students fail to abide by the rules at times as restrictions are limitless. Therefore consulting an expert in the academic field is the best idea and students should opt for the option. 

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