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What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access or MS Access is a very popular Database Management System. The purpose of the management system is to manage accounts, invoices, and various bills.  Microsoft launched it as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. MS Access stores data in its format and saves it securely. Microsoft came up with the first version of MS Access in the year 1992 and since then MS Access has gained the attention of the world. It was the first mass-market database management system of Windows. Since its inception, Microsoft has developed several versions of MS Access and with each version came modified RAM and more storage. The present version of MS Access requires 2GB of RAM which has been the same since 2000. 

MS Access is mainly used for accounting purposes and for keeping a secured record of various data and information. MS Access has in total 7 components- Tables, Queries, Relationships, Macros, Forms, Reports, and Modules. Data that are stored in MS Access can be accessed easily from these components. 

components of ms access

MS Access is user-friendly and is one of the best database management systems that has been developed. Databases on it can be created in less time with the help of comprehensible programming languages. MS Access can be easily installed and data on it can be swiftly imported. 

Component of MS Access- Queries

Among 7 components, MS Queries is a vital component of MS Access. It is required to undertake any operations on the management system. Once the table is prepared with all the data and other additional information, the user must be looking for a calculated result or output. This requirement of the user or the programmer is known as the Queries. Queries can be of various types such as calculating, subtracting, sorting and updating. An interesting thing about queries is that one needs to know how to construct them first, before actually using them for any operations on the tables. 

An MS Access Query is primarily a request of the programmer to the database management system for performing operations on the data added in the tables. These actions can be of varied kinds. Users may like to add, deduct or update new data and a query will order the system to work accordingly. Once the operation is complete, a calculated result will be declared on the screen. A query can be used to answer simple questions and we can even combine and add data from different tables and get a calculated sum of it. 

With large amounts of data and information, tables are usually huge and they constantly grow in size. This makes it difficult to find a particular record. Queries have a facility called filter that allows programmers to find out the desired record and access only the information that is required. 

The Select facility in a Query allows one to retrieve data from the tables and perform calculations on it. Queries can also be used to supply data to create a record or any form. 

How to create a Simple Select Query?

The creation of a simple select query is easy but programmers need to follow all the steps sequentially to avoid any mistakes. The basic steps of creating a simple query are- 

  • ● Users must choose the tables that he or she wishes to be used as the data source 
  • ● Next, users must indicate the fields that they wish to use from the data sources.
  • ● Lastly, the users must specify necessary criteria to regulate the data and ultimately the result of the Query. 

Programmers can create queries by selection on either the Query Wizard button or the Query Design button. Beginners must select the Query Wizard button as handling it is easy but once the programmers are used to creating queries, they can opt for the Query Design button. 

Steps of creating a simple query with the help of Query Wizard

1. Find the ‘create’ and amidst the Query group, select on ‘Query Wizard’. 

query wizard

2. A new query dialog box will be created.

3. Select ‘Simple Query Wizard’ and then click on ‘OK’

4. Add and name the fields you want in the database. 

● Click on the table that contains the field under the ‘Tables/Queries

● Under the tab ‘Available Fields’, double click on the field to add that in the selected field list. 

● Select ‘Next’

5. In case, you have added number fields. Then do either of the ones stated below- 

● Click on ‘Detail’ and then on ‘next’, if you want to see individual data

● Click on ‘Summary’ and then on ‘Summary Options’, if you wish to see the calculated numeric data. Specify the fields you want to summarize and how you want to calculate the data. There are mainly 4 summary functions- Sum, Avg, Min, and Max. Click on ‘OK’ to close the dialog box of Summary Options. 

ms access assignment help

6. Provide a suitable title to the Query and indicate if you want to open or modify the query any further. 

7. Click on ‘Finish’ 

Steps of Creating a Simple Query with the help of Design View

Creating queries using the Design View is easier and more personalized. Users can handle the details of the design but the number of mistakes is higher in Queries. And creating a query using a Design View can be time-consuming too. 

1. Click on the ‘Query Design’ on the ‘Create Tab’

2. Select on the data sources that you want to use and then select ‘Add’

3. Drag a field consisting of one data source to the corresponding field of another data source to add a join

foreign key

4. Double click on the join that you want to change

5. A dialog box named ‘Join Properties’ will appear

6. Review the three options and select the one you want and then click on ‘OK’

7. To add an output field, you must drag the field from a data source of the query design window to the ‘Field’ row of the design grid. 

8. Indicate the required criteria of the Output fields. 

9. You can also specify any alternate criteria by clicking on ‘OR’ below the row of ‘Criteria’ 

10. The next step is optional. Select on ‘Totals’ to summarize the data

11. To view the result of the Query, click on ‘Run’ 

12. For any modifications in the Query click on ‘Home’ then on ‘View’ and finally on the ‘Design View’ 

MS Access Assignment Help

MS Access is a very popular management system that is used by different organizations both online and offline to record different data and update those regularly. Students who are enrolled in courses that teach them about databases and data analytics will get assignments on MS Access. Although MS Access is a user-friendly database management system, many students fail to handle operations in it and fail to run the assignments. Database Assignments may ask students to create a simple query and update imaginary business financial records on it. Only those students who know the dynamics of the Query Wizard and Design View will be able to complete the assignments successfully. Apart from that students do not get much time to complete the assignments and thus there are increasing chances of missing deadlines. Various companies hire expert specialist writers who have advanced knowledge of MS Access and sufficient experience in Academic Writing. Such MS Access Assignment Help services can be reached out by the students. Assignments are done completely following the University norms and are sent to the students within the deadlines. This opportunity will save the time of the students and get them guaranteed distinction marks. Assignment Help services aim to produce works that are non-plagiarized and are error-free.