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What is a Network Topology?

A Network Topology is an arrangement of the networking devices of a computer. Topology essentially means the various points or nodes through which various computing devices are connected. A link connects various computers and more than one link constitutes a topology. Companies selecting their network topology must consider several factors. Since installing a network topology usually is a rigorous process and a lot of considerations have to be made, many aspects must be evaluated beforehand. It must be assessed if installing the network topology is easy and convenient or not. Cost, feasibility, troubleshooting, and the reliability of the network must also be considered while planning for an appropriate network topology for the computer systems in a company. 

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Having a well-connected Network Topology is extremely beneficial for any business organization that depends primarily on the internet. An organization with properly arranged computer systems that are interconnected with each other will easily send, process, and extract data. Connections like this help an organization to work faster and meet productive ends. 

Types of Network Topology

Computer systems can be connected in various ways according to the requirements and resources of a company. There are primarily 6 ways of arranging network topologies. These are- 

  • Bus Topology-Bus Topology consists of a central trunk that connects and is being shared by all the network nodes of the connected computers. The topology also has a terminator that is placed to absorb the excess signal once it reaches the end line. Therefore, in the absence of the terminator, the network becomes unstable. Bus Topology allows the message to travel in both directions until it gets picked up by a connected server. Bus Topology is very good for companies as it does not require much media and its nodes are independent. Therefore, even if one node suffers from any breakage, others continue to work and transmit information. Among several advantages of a Bus Topology, the two most significant is that installing it is easy and is cost-efficient. Only one cable is utilized to connect the servers. 
  • Ring Topology- The structure of this topology is a ring and it connects servers from end to end. The devices are either connected to the ring or are indirectly connected through the interface device. In a ring topology, the message is transmitted from one node to the other. Therefore, the destination address of the server is checked in every workstation to confirm the connection. In a ring topology, all the devices are connected with a repeater that generates bits and passes them along. Companies that need troubleshooting can build Ring Topology as it allows the operation. Ring Topology transports data faster and ensures hassle-free transmission of information. 
  • Star Topology- The Star Topology consists of a central hub that connects all the computers in the server. The computers can only communicate via the central hub and not otherwise. This allows the communication lines to be open and free from any kind of traffic. Star Topology is a very flexible form of topology as it allows more nodes to connect without causing any delay in communication.
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  • Mesh Topology- The nodes of a mesh topology have dedicated points and several paths are created between two points to avoid any form of permanent communication breakage. Communication continues even if one path fails. The dedicated links maintain the security and privacy of data.
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  • Tree Topology- The Tree Topology is also known as the Hierarchical Topology. It has a central root node that is the superior most node that is then connected to the other nodes at the lower levels.
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  • Hybrid Topology- The structure of a hybrid topology is a combination of two or more topologies mentioned above. Some examples of Hybrid Topologies are Star-Bus topology and Star-Ring Topology. This kind of topology offers the advantage of two separate topologies and thus is beneficial for a company. 
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Network Topology Assignments

Network Topology Assignments are difficult to solve. These assignments require an acute knowledge of networking and connections of topologies. Not every student has adequate knowledge and enough time to complete such assignments. These assignments ask students to build topologies for imaginary companies and organizations. Only students with practical knowledge and accurate theoretical learning can complete the assignments on time. Therefore, students must consult the best specialists in the field and get their assignments done by them. These experts have sufficient knowledge of topologies and networking characteristics. They can complete the assignments on time and produce error-free quality assignments that guarantee only distinction marks to the students. 

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