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What is Ratio Analysis?

Ratio Analysis is a quantitative method by which the company’s position in comparison to other companies can be measured. Ratio Analysis is a statistical way of analyzing financial statements such as the income statement, balance sheet of the company products, and other book statements. After evaluating all the financial data, the company’s performance can be checked and necessary steps can be taken to improve it further. 

Types of Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis can be divided into 4 categories. All these examinations are done every month to ensure the proper production and performance of a business. The various types of Ratio Analysis are-

  • Liquidity Ratios- Liquidity Ratio is a great way of measuring whether the company can pay off its debts in time or not. The liquidity ratio is done by measuring the liquid assets and the current liabilities of the company. This is a very essential way of evaluating the company’s competence and economic power. A company that is not able to pay off its debts is undoubtedly facing hardships. Some of the common determinants of finding the liquidity ratio apart from the liquid assets and the liabilities are the quick ratio, cash ratio, operating cash flow, and the cash coverage ratio.
  • Solvency Ratios- The solvency ratio is a way of examining the intensity of the debts of the company by comparing it with the equity, assets, and earnings of the company. The solvency ratio helps a company to realize if it can stay in the business for a long time. 
  •  Profitability Ratios- The profitability Ratio measures the profit earned by the company. It analyzes the expenditure of the company and compares it with the earnings. Some of the important determinants of the Profitability Ratio are earnings per share, assets, return on equity, and the profit margin. 
  • Efficiency Ratios- With the help of the efficiency ratio, the company can evaluate whether it can increase its sales and earn a huge profit or not. This evaluation method also helps the company to make a positive impression of its in the market. Some of the important means of finding the efficiency ratio are- inventory turnover, turnover issues, and sales in inventory. 

Importance of the Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis is very important for a business to grow and develop. It is a way by which the businesses can self-assess their performance and can improve. Some of the basic reasons for including ratio analysis in a business are-

  • Ratio analysis helps a company to analyze the financial statements.
  • It also analyzes the operational efficiency of the company.
  • It plays a vital role in comparing the performance of other businesses similar to it in the market.
  • It helps the company to understand the ways of profitability.
  • Ratio Analysis also identifies the potential risks that the business may encounter and thus the business can be aware of those.
  • The Ratio Analysis is extremely useful for identifying the benefits of planning and future forecasting of the company.

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